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Welcoming Visitors: PA Welcome Center I-78 West in Easton, PA

PA Welcome Center I-78 West in Easton, PA, is a friendly gateway for travelers entering Pennsylvania from the west. It offers a range of amenities and services to make travelers' journeys more comfortable and convenient. Learn information about Easton, PA.

Visitor Services:

The welcome center provides clean restrooms, ample parking facilities, and picnic areas for travelers to take a break and stretch their legs. Friendly staff members are available to offer assistance, maps, and tourist information to help visitors plan their onward journey. Discover facts about Exploring Easton's History at the National Canal Museum.

Travel Information:

Visitors can access a wealth of information about local attractions, events, and destinations across Pennsylvania. Brochures, maps, and travel guides are readily available to help them explore the Keystone State's diverse offerings.

Rest and Relaxation:

The welcome center's scenic surroundings provide a tranquil environment for travelers to relax and unwind during their journey. With lush greenery and beautiful landscaping, it offers a peaceful respite from the road.


Located conveniently off Interstate 78, PA Welcome Center I-78 West in Easton, PA, serves as a convenient stopping point for travelers seeking a warm welcome and essential amenities on their travels through Pennsylvania.

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