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Bushkill Park: Nostalgia and Fun in Easton, PA

Bushkill Park, located in Easton, Pennsylvania, has been a beloved amusement park entertaining visitors for over a century. The park's charming vintage appeal and thrilling attractions remain a favorite destination for families and thrill-seekers. Information can be found here.


A Rich History:

Bushkill Park had a storied history from 1902 when it opened its doors. It has delighted generations of visitors throughout the years with its classic rides, arcade games, and captivating atmosphere. The park's timeless charm and nostalgic ambiance transport guests to a bygone era. See here for information about Crayola Experience: Unleashing Creativity in Easton, PA.


Classic Attractions:

The park is renowned for its iconic attractions, including the famous "Pippin" roller coaster, a wooden coaster that has been delighting riders since 1923. Other favorites include the "Kiddie Coaster," bumper cars, and a vintage carousel, providing fun for visitors of all ages.


Family-friendly Environment:

Bushkill Park prides itself on offering a safe and family-friendly environment. The park features picnic areas, a playground, and a miniature golf course, allowing families to enjoy quality time together while creating lasting memories.


Bushkill Park in Easton, PA, is a testament to traditional amusement parks' enduring appeal. With its rich history, classic attractions, and family friendly atmosphere, the park remains a cherished destination for those seeking a nostalgic and fun-filled experience.

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